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My favorite guest lecture was easily the lesson about the Cheslatta native people in Canada. This was a very interesting look at the plight of native people in fairly recent times. When we learn about Native Americans’ struggle in the United States it is easy for some people to brush it off and act like … More Post #8

Post #7

As I have mentioned in previous posts, Boko Haram is a dangerous terrorist group in Nigeria that has kidnapped many young girls throughout the country. Unfortunately, many of these young girls end up being married off to Boko Haram members or sold into sex slavery. Nigeria has not ignored this problem, and in 2011 the U.S. … More Post #7

Post #6

Linda Polman writes an in depth look at the effects of humanitarian aid across the world in her book The Crisis Caravan. Polman discusses whether humanitarian aid organizations prolong wars through their efforts because often the warlords or dictators receive many benefits from the aid. In fact, the economies of many war-stricken areas that aid … More Post #6

Post #4

It was very interesting reading Sheila Watt-Cloutier’s point of view as an Inuit about climate change in the chapter “The Inuit Right to Culture Based on Ice and Snow.” Of course everyone has seen videos of polar bears on ice as the ice breaks apart in chunks, but I never thought about how the thinning of … More Post #4

Post #3

Nationalism is a sense of patriotic feeling or pride in your country. Fareed Zakaria wrote A Post-American World and discussed that nationalism is problematic because countries need to be able to work together. Zakaria thinks that as people’s pride in their country increases they are less likely to want to work with other countries. This … More Post #3

Post #2

As I described in my previous post, Nigeria is a multicultural country with over 250 ethnic groups. There are varying beliefs on how many languages are spoken in Nigeria. Ethnologue says 520 living languages are spoken in Nigeria, the U.S. English Foundation claims 471, and Nairaland says the real language count is closer to 70 and that … More Post #2

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Many people have heard of Nigeria (formally known as the Federal Republic of Nigeria), but few know where it is located or anything about the country’s history. Nigeria has 36 states and a Federal Capital Territory which contains the country’s capital city Abuja. As of 2011, Nigeria has an estimated 167 million people, making it the most … More Post #1